Friday, October 24, 2008

im hardcore

ive survived a year (A YEAR) of wearing braces. beat that!


Anonymous said...

Only someone who has been there can truly appreciate how "hardcore" that is...the amount of skin in your mouth that has been torn up, pain after tightening, always worried about food in the teeth. I would cover my hand over my mouth whenever I was talking during dinner as I was always sure I had something on my teeth. Even when my braces were off I found myself doing that and Frank finally got me to stop.

Michelle said...

aww...I'm proud of you...but I still think you look adorable with braces:D

Esy said...

yeah I'd say that's good enough....however, I can beat that. i had to go for 2 years. i understand your

christie and julie said...

i still have them 6 months left!